Years of experience involving various owner entities and unique facility needs provide the foundation for developing unique solutions that best fit your construction needs.

Owner’s Representative Services

Owner’s Representative Services guide the planning and delivery of your construction projects. As your “Owner Rep” we bring extensive construction and development expertise to effectively manage your project from concept to completion. We act as an extension of your staff, serving your best interests as “principal-in-charge” as we assemble and lead the entire project team. You maintain control through our representation while not being distracted from the demands of your regular work responsibilities.

Design-Build Services

As your design-build firm we provide design services in addition to the construction services outlined below. This can include utilizing design-build processes for the mechanical and electrical components of the program as well. If there is a need to expedite the delivery of the project, we can fast-track the process by overlapping the design and construction activities.

Construction Management & General Construction

Serving the project team in this role, our responsibility is for the actual building construction. Working with you and your architectural team we provide budgeting, value-engineering and constructibility reviews during the pre-construction phases. While managing and supervising the physical construction process we provide cost control and execute both quality control and safety programs.